Originally from Newcastle, UK, now living in London and Zurich, Rebekah’s spent the past decade travelling the world as a fitness professional and supporting the growth of the world’s finest wellness brands.

She is excited by the collision of the creative and wellness worlds, regularly collaborating with forward-thinking fashion brands, talent and magazines in an effort to fuse fitness experience with subculture.

Rebekah’s passion for electronic music began when she was 11 years old; her first vinyl purchases were Roger Sanchez, Another Chance and Motorcycle, As the Rush Comes. Her eclectic sound has been built on the foundation of northern soul, trance classics and nineties house music; expect nostalgic energy colliding with the future of techno and acid house.

Resident advisor


Creative Director / Head Trainer at OPEN RIDE / Europaallee Zurich, Switzerland (Launching September 2019)

Ride with Rebekah at KXU + EQUINOX / London

Contributor at DOSE